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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Traveling Light for Your Face

Traveling Light for your Face

Traveling Light for Your Face

Traveling Light for Your Face by krista-allmond-montalvo featuring sheer makeup

Norwex body rag - No soap necessary!  I swear by these little rags.  So awesome.

Face powder - I love how it is a powder, bronzer & blush all in one!

The Body Shop makeup brush

Shimmer makeup

The Body Shop eyeliner

Estée Lauder mascara

Clinique sheer makeup - I like a sheer lipstick at the beach.

Beauty product - gotta have your spf

L'Oreal Magic Lumi Primer - I love this illuminating primer at the beach instead of any kind of foundation.  It evens out your skin & gives you a glow.

This is all that I am packing in my suitcase for my face for two weeks at the beach!!  

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  1. Totally happy you commented on the Norwex body pack cloths along with these other great products! Thanks for sharing!
    Norwex Special Projects Coordinator Sheri Gauthier


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