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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Saving on Groceries got a lot Easier

This is just an FYI for all of you grocery shoppers who didn't know this!

You can go online to City Market or Safeway and log in with your value card number.  You can shop the weekly deals and create a shopping list based on the sale items.  Then you can have your list on your phone (if you have a smartphone), email it or print it out.  Plus you can shop all the coupons online and have them add it to your value card!

The new deals start every Wed. morning so I am making my shopping list right now!!  I have been saving so much money doing this.  It also helps me not buy impulse things - sticking to the food items on the list saves you big $$.  And remember to keep in mind the seasonal produce that you can pick for free.  Right now apricots are almost in season plus every Saturday morning is the Montrose Farmer's Market so I like to get a few things there to.

I love hearing the grand total of savings after I am rung up every week!  One time I had saved $86.  Incredible!!

Love to hear any of your super saver tips.

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