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Friday, June 15, 2012

Favorite {Friend} Fridays

As I was sitting here wondering what my favorite things were today, I kept thinking about all the amazing friends & people that I have in my life.  SO, I decided to dedicate my favorite fridays to my favorite people!

I adore the people in my life.  I love the quote by Oprah that says "Surround yourself with people who lift you higher."  So thankful for all of you who do!  Each one of you represents these characteristics in my life.....

50 adjectives that describe the angels in my life

  1. authentic
  2. fun
  3. honest
  4. determined
  5. compassionate
  6. forgiving
  7. inspirational
  8. understanding 
  9. open
  10. easy (not in the naughty way..haha)
  11. devoted
  12. loving
  13. gracious
  14. spontaneous
  15. nurturing
  16. hilarious
  17. intelligent
  18. strong
  19. generous
  20. loyal
  21. supportive
  22. romantic
  23. confident
  24. helpful
  25. cute
  26. engaging
  27. patient
  28. naughty ;)
  29. stylish
  30. sweet
  31. secure
  32. fascinating
  33. sincere
  34. happy
  35. radiant
  36. motivating
  37. silly
  38. wonderful
  39. great cook
  40. crafty
  41. adventurous
  42. reliable
  43. quirky
  44. knowledgable
  45. affectionate
  46. fearless
  47. joyful
  48. carefree
  49. amazing
  50. And Just AWESOME!

I love you all!  That's why I "Surround" myself with all of you - my angels!

In no particular order-
Andy, my kids, all my family, Mehana, Kendra, Kate C., Laura N., Laura J. Cindy, Lori, Allyson, Scott, Rain, Juliet, Lacy, Josie, Joy, Sara C., Ali, Sara A., Becky, Kerri, Kate T., Mandy, Jeana, Leah, Paula, Kris, Aimee, Carri, Kimberly, CC, Stormy, Rebecca, Caroline, Malinda and so many more of you.


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