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Friday, May 11, 2012

Favorite {Mompreneur Giveaway} Friday

I love it when I find other women out there who have tapped into their inner selves & are doing what inspires them!  Elizabeth is a mom who is making & selling handcrafted jewelry.  Her creations are all one of a kind and she even makes custom pieces too.

I have enjoyed chatting with her about motherhood and spring 'colds' with both of our families!  This giveaway was supposed to happen several weeks ago, but between her family and my family getting sick and it slowly making it's way through each person in the house - it has taken til now for me to get her fabulous work out to you guys!  

Here is a little note from Elizabeth herself:

Elizabeth Alta Jewelry started just under a year ago when I realized there would be no "perfect" time to launch my jewelry business.  With two young boys, a full time job, and a graduate degree to complete, I had a feeling it would be a long time before life would be in a "settled down" state, so why not now!  I started by creating many beaded necklaces and earrings with no real direction other than what I decided to make at the time, and had booths at some local art fairs.  In just a few short months, my focus has changed to personalized, custom jewelry, and I have launched my own product website, gained a decent sized fan base on Facebook (They LIKE me! :P) and received over 60 custom orders for personalized necklaces and bracelets!  Elizabeth Alta Jewelry will be at many Central Indiana art and craft fairs this summer (including the Vintage Indiana Wine Festival...yes, please!), and continue to take orders online and participate in many fun Facebook giveaways and contests.  I've enjoyed starting up my business, creating jewelry that means something special to my clients, and participating in so many fun events, and I can't wait to see where my business takes me next!

Here are some of my favorite pieces.  I really love this scripted necklace.  I want to get her to make one custom for me but I am still thinking on just the right sentence.  This saying is so true & close to all of our hearts - Wherever You May Journey. My Heart is always with You.

Elizabeth is GIVING away a $40 SHOP CREDIT!  Find out how one of her pieces could be yours!

Custom Teardrop Pendant Necklace, Chain Width Options-teardrop, custom, necklace, bracelet, copper, silver

Vintage Grace Swarovski Drop Earrings-purple copper Swarovski earrings

Natural Chic Necklace-

Fly Away With Me Swarovski Necklace-swallow bird silver black swarovski necklace

For this fun GIVEAWAY - here's what you have to do:

1) "Like" Elizabeth Alta Jewelry on Facebook.
2) Follow A Marmie Life Blog.

It's that Easy!!

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