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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Neon Trend

Neon is everywhere right now!  When I went into Target the other day, it is the first thing you see.  But does neon seems just a little too funky?  I think that it can give your outfit that zing that you are looking for if it's not over the top!  Here are some ways to throw in a little neon to your wardrobe.

Love the neon design in this skirt!

Taylor Tomasi

Neon Nail polish is the easiest & cheapest way.


Accessories are also a fun way to introduce neon.  There are some great neon necklaces too but that is just a little too close to the face for me.  I like the bracelet idea better.  Some neon purse love is cool too.  I am loving the neon belt with your summer whites & nudes!



Taylor Tomasi

Shoes are a great way also to add a little extra pizzazz to your outfit.  Here are some great ones that I would wear.

Old Navy 
Enzo Angiolini Shoes, Tigma Pumps-enzo angiolini shoes tigma pumps
Enzo Angiolini Tigma Pumps

Dian von Furstenberg Kaiti Thong Flat Sandals Neon Green

Rebecca Minkoff Bettina Sandals Neon Yellow

Neon goes great with Nude just like in color blocking.


Throw a neon mini skirt under your lace skirt to get that Pop of neon color!

Taylor Tomasi

These neon green jeans totally work!

Taylor Tomasi

Hope this inspires you to not be afraid of a little Neon in your wardrobe!!  Let me know if you make a neon purchase.

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