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Friday, April 27, 2012

Favorite {Cause} Friday 4/27/12

Sorry I have been slacking on the posting this week.  The last two weeks my family has been soooo sick & I used up all my entries that I had saved up for a rainy day!  So I am finally starting to feel better, and this week was crazy busy!  I styled a fashion show last night at SheShe Boutique which turned out FABULOUS!  Plus, I am going to start being a stylist/personal shopper for SheShe clients.  What a great service to offer.  I get to help people feel feminine, sexy and confident.  Plus, I will be able to take them all over town to get anything that they may need and help them purge & organize their closets.  So that is what has been happening in my life in a nutshell!

On another note, I have discovered 3 causes that I am 150% behind at this time.  I would LOVE to share them with you all!

1)  My dear friend Juliet has an amazing foundation that she started called which supports families who have been affected by this.  It is such a unique cause, and Juliet is such a true inspiration & pioneer.  She has recently commissioned me to design a foundation purse just for her organization that you can buy & carry & remember these 3 important words:
And she just started another way to help support her foundation as well as give encouragement to everyone who may need a little love & healing in their lives.  They are called Healing Birds!  I have two bluebirds added to my little flock (I am a bluebird this post to learn more about the meaning of my bluebird collection).  Please go online to the above link and purchase a healing bird that speaks to you! The card attached reads "Every single day, do something that makes your heart sing."  They bring music to my heart every morning when I wake up and at night when I go to bed.

2) One of my friends, Angela Halsey who is a great leader in our community is also a dedicated participant in our Relay for Life Event that takes place in June.  Her motivation & devotion to this cause  is such an inspiration to me.  I have also been affected by cancer in my life & lost loved ones to this awful disease.  Please help her raise money to find a cure!  There are so many different ways to show your support & love.  Please follow this link to Angela's Relay for Life Link & let's help her make a difference!  A luminare is such an amazing, touching way also to remember a loved one that you may have lost to cancer.  This is my luminare for my sweet best friend who lost her battle the summer after our sixth grade year.  Love you baby girl!

3) SheShe Boutique in Montrose has the most amazing jewelry that has an incredible story behind it.  It is called Raven & Lily.  They are featuring jewelry that is handmade by HIV positive women in  Ethiopa.  The beads are made from collected metal bullet casings & metal coins.  I have a pair of earrings but there are several other pieces in the collection that I have to have!  Help this wonderful company who has a Dream to Empower Women - a company that I strive to model my business after!

Bullets made for harm. Jewelry made for good.
Discover the full collection along with their other products!

Image 1
Gold Hoops $38 - These are the ones I got

Want these too!

Here are some of the beautiful necklaces!
Image 1

Image 1

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