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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Happy Place

Whenever I feel stressed or anxious or just need to think of something relaxing, I envision myself in my "Happy Place".  

I am a Beach Rain Bather!

There is no better feeling than laying in the sand right at the surf in the hot sun.  And then a light rain shower comes and cools you off.  That is just about the best natural high there is to me!

And, of course, some good conch fritters or some fried island food with a fruity cocktail sounds divine!

What's your spot?

This is me in St. Croix with my lover (Andy) cooling off from laying in the surf.  The only thing missing was some hot rain bathing!

Here are some other Happy Spots:
photo source
Photo Source


  1. great post. i'd like to be that last girl :)

    -- vanessa

    1. Thanks Vanessa! All of those pictures are calling my name!!

  2. Happy places tend to be warm when you live in colorado...haha.
    Hey, I just gave you a Lieber Award. Check here for details.

    1. Thanks! There is just something about the beach & rain. I sure do miss the rain in the winter time. Thanks for the award :)

  3. Mine happy place...on a hammock under some huge shady trees on a warm summer day. What a relaxing thought - thanks for bringing me there!

    1. That sounds so nice Mal. I feel like I could take a nap now.


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