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Monday, February 20, 2012

What to do with all the memorabilia?

I don't consider myself a pack rat by any means but the memorabilia seems to be getting out of hand!  All the cards, photos, awards, art work, report cards, old clothes, year books, etc..... of mine, my husband's and now my children's are taking over a portion of my house.

What do you do with all that stuff?  What do you keep?  What do you throw away?  How much of that stuff is necessary to keep in your life?

I have a stack of artwork from the girls that is always building.  When it gets to the point that it is falling over is when I sort out my favorites & then move them with the other keepers into the basement with all the other crap!  But that pile in the basement is already a pretty hefty collection.  And then will come the day when I try to pass it all to my children & they will probably tell me what I have told my mother that I don't really want any of that stuff!

So, why am I keeping all of it?

I guess I do have a bit of an emotional attachment to it but it's put away where I can't even see it.  So, do I really need all that stuff?  It just doesn't feel right to throw it away.  I even have my dance cards from when I took Social in middle school, wool from my pet baby lamb, old notes from elementary school (remember how we folded them up with the little pull tab), my mom even had a box with my baby teeth that she gave me.

Folded notes, passed during class

What do you guys do with all of your memorabilia?  Is it taking over a large percentage of your house?  Love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Hi Krista,
    I couldn't bear to part with Matthew's childhood art masterworks, so I scanned the ones which fit in the scanner and digitally photographed the larger pieces. Then I uploaded the jpegs to Shutterfly or Snapfish and had a photo book made of them. Not only, did I really enjoy the outcome, Matthew liked it so much I had to have one made for him, too. Of course, I still have the originals (can't bear to part with) but now I have a neat little book instead of a pack of yellowing odd-sized papers. Next up: do same for Katy's. This works for text as well as images.

    1. That's a really good idea Carol! Georgia is an amazing artist. I want to create a whole wall for her art in the playroom. But there are so many other things that are kept that would be a lot tidier in my computer. It's just finding the time to get organized! Hope you are doing well. I got to see Kate the other weekend - I miss her sooo much.


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