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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Blue Jean Exchange

My girlfriend and I hosted a fun Ladies' Night community event at her adorable B&B this past Saturday night.  It all started from a phone conversation when I asked Kendra why I still had 7 pairs of jeans in my closet that I never wore.  She said she had at least that many in her closet too.  After having my 3 kids and her 2 kids, our bodies have changed shapes a lot!  But now we were ready to purge all those extra pairs.
Kendra and I (the hosts)

And what better way to do it than exchanging all those extra pairs of jeans with other women who also are going through the same body changes!  We invited as many women that we could and local stores also helped out by donating their extra clearance jeans to the cause.

This is how it worked:

  • Drop off your extra jeans at the B&B before the event.  We got them labeled and organized into size categories.
  • We were able to get fun little donations for giveaways from locally owned business' that our friends owned.  i.e. San Juan Parent coffee mug, cupcakes, jewelry
  • We provided Blue Jean Velvet Cupcakes & appetizers.  Kendra set up a cash bar and served Blue Jean Baby Queen Cocktails.
  • We asked for a $5 donation to cover the food cost.
  • I had my new Marmie Bags set up for sale too!
  • Women came & grabbed a pair of jeans and took them to the guest rooms upstairs to try them on.  If they fit, they got to keep them.
  • All the leftover jeans were donated to the Women's Resource Center (great shelter for battered women).
  • It turned out to be such a fun night with girlfriends!
  • We also had a reading of A Blue Jean Love Poem by a talented friend.
  • Another friend created Life Size Artwork that was amazing.
  • We had a local boutique pay for Sizing Guide Line Banners that we made from Oprah's Jean Advice Guide.
Fun Giveaways
A lot of people wanted those Cabi Jeans that were donated!


  1. Great post! I've told a few people about this and they want to host one, too - wonderfully inspiring!

    1. Thanks! Sorry you missed it. I hope this inspires lots of women from other communities.


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