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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bickering Kids are driving me Crazy!

There is a whole lotta to write about this subject!

If you have children or siblings then you know all about this!  Shoot, if you have a husband then you know about bickering.  But I like to call it playful bantering with my husband.

My girls play so well together.  They have the most amazing imaginations, and I can hear them upstairs in their playroom building forts, giggling & going on amazing adventures together.  They tell each other they love one another & kiss.  When one of them spends the night out, the other is briefly upset until they realize all the attention that they will get.

Siblings sticking out tongue at each other
photo source
But, then other times the non-stop bickering is absolutely absurd!  It's like they have woken up just waiting for the other one to look their way and piss them off.  They will fight about the way they flicked their hair, that the other one's outfit is dumb, that one always gets to play the mommy or teacher, etc...  I could go on and on here.  I am sure your list is just as ridiculous.  The sound of my kids bickering is probably the number one thing that will turn me into a foul mood.  It's just awful.  Maybe it's retribution now for my mother because she giggles when I complain about it.

I have tried all types of things to stop it or at least keep it minimal.  Sometimes, I lock them in the backyard.  Sorry, but that one is my favorite.  Lots of times it will change their mood, and they will start having a great time again.  Other times, I make them sit on the stairs and hold hands for an allotted amount of time.  Then, for every little thing they might keep doing to each other on the stairs, I will add more time.  And YES, my mother did both of these things to me!

Lots of times I end up telling them that "I don't care" about the little bickering tattle tells they come to me about!  I say to figure these things out on their own.  My husband makes them kiss and hug.  He has such a special way with them.  He is so playful and can usually change their foul moods into playful laughter.  I'm not quite as good at this as he is though.

I remember my brother and I fighting about all kinds of silly things -  He was looking at me.  He put his hand over the neutral line in the car.  He made weird noises & faces.  He bothered me when my girlfriends were over.  He was annoying.  But I love him and laugh about those funny things now.  My mom didn't think they were funny at the time though.

Well, there are plenty of solutions out there too & advice to END the bickering.  All you need to do is google it!  Good Luck with the finale of that.  Learning to cope is what you really need to google.  I think that new disciplines work for a bit, and then it falls back to old patterns - as in bickering.  I think this is normal for most families at least the ones I know.  So, I guess it's just a part of life, a part of parenting, a part of relationships, a part of sisterhoods & brotherhoods.  I guess I am just a member of the club of bickering like most everyone else.

I think that I just have to let it roll off my shoulder, cope and have a glass of wine!

What are thoughts about bickering?  Funny memories?  Current Frustrations?  Clever Bickering Disciplines for Kids?


  1. Mine were just fighting in the bath.
    Amaya, screaming and crying like she just cut her finger off.. says "mommy!!! landon ate my nose!!!"
    Landon, with a little smirk says " but mom I spit it back out and tried to give it back!"
    OMG! lol


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